3 Perfect Ways To Use To Punish Your Girlfriend Without Any Physical Abuse, Violence


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Some women can be exhausting and taxing, no word is thin. It can shock individuals as much as it does domestic violence. This is an act of impiety that everyone should refrain from. In fact, it is simple and swift to warn a woman who has more achievement and productivity than physical abuse. The aim of this article is not to encourage violation but to show you or teach you the necessary things you need to do to punish a lady with any physical abuse. Let look at the below point stated:

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1 Coming home late at night is the first point you should try.

After your wife’s wrongdoing has been fixed and she declined a move, try and hold out for a long time. This will place her in an unexpected state of uncertainty, particularly if it’s unusual. In this respect, have a break in the position of your mate, where you find it relaxing until late in the evening before you head home. She will be very distressed and ready

2 Stops eating her food for some time or till you are feeling good.

This point can drive her crazy or will make her think a lot. Women hate it a lot when they cook food for the husband or boyfriend and they refuse to eat it. When husbands fail to eat at home, most women feel sad.

Whenever they remember such odd behavior, a million thoughts come to their heads. This is the best way to alert your wife. But don’t say that you won’t feed, but let it make the meal before you tell her that you don’t have an appetite. If you do this again and again, she will be compelled to beg you for her misdeeds and will adjust quickly. This is one of the most efficient ways to correct a woman.

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Moreover, if it looks attractive and irresistible, you freely neglect the food when serving at the bar. Try eating out and buying in the same vein. This is one of the most efficient ways to correct a woman. Moreover, if it looks attractive and irresistible, you freely neglect the food when serving at the bar. Try eating outside in the same vein and buy any food you need at night when you feel hungry.

  1. Do not entertain her with romantic play or art.

You have warned your wife constantly to shift without any kind of adaptation. Try to avoid love or sexual commitment, although you are in the mood. Remember your company and keep on the road. Resist it again and again, for emotional pleasure or pleasure. There is a great propensity to ask her for an offense quickly and to adjust. Just find something else to do when you feel like having a romantic art with her. You can make calls, play games, read books, watch a movie and others. But the truth is that never make her feel like you want to have her in bed or play with her.

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What I will never encourage you to do is to hit your woman or lady. If you do that, you are not being real, you are not being a real man. Never hit a woman no matter what the situation might be. Control your temper and handle the situation in a perfect way. That will make you a gentleman and a real man as well.

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