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5 Times Dacoster Mocks Top Celebrities With Cheap Stuffs To Match Their Expensive Outfits

Officially Tik Tok is now a home of enjoyment that provides calibre comedy which pleases everybody’s satisfaction in the country these days. Tik Tok is a video sharing social networking and it’s own by the Chinese company called ByteDance. They have provided us with so many successful comedians after Ghanaians were given the chance to share their videos on the platform.

Among these beautiful and deligent comedians, we will talk about one of the lavish and most conscientious who is winning the hearts of Ghanaians with his funny tik tok videos (Official Dacoster)

Official Dacoster is one of the sedulous tik tok stars who treats our female celebrities like his sisters by wearing cheap stuffs to match their expensive outfits. He is a very handsome young guy who has now gravitate towards his career as a comedian. And now he’s followed by a huge number of Ghanaians on all social media platforms.

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