The Ghana Trade Laws forbid that a foreigner engages in petty trading unless she has naturalized or married to a citizen of the country, strangely a foreigner freely carrying her business on the streets as a hawker causing a huge debate, while many seek answers as to why the Ministry of Trade and Industry has permitted this on the streets of Accra- Ghana, seems what she’s doing should be a work for the ordinary Ghanaian citizens.

The lady who claims to be a German was seen hawking on the streets of Accra carrying a transparent plastic rubber loaded with soft drinks as she moves from one joint to the other calling on buyers to finish up the drink, surprisingly she is getting more sales than the ordinary Ghanaian. In the video, just look at how everybody wants to buy from her, the next moment she will be sitting on DW tv or CNN and be talking plenty about Ghana.

This is sparking a huge confusion in the minds of the locals, knowing very well that, Ghana can never be better than Germany on any grounds and seeing German national hawking on the ‘dirty’ streets of Accra, for Ghana Cedis and Pesewas, she might be on a mission and the Police need to invite her as there are many questions that need answering especially this era of Covid-19. Is she truly a hawker, or on a social experiment, a spy, or working for any secret service? Better still, is she probably doing this to support one poor person who is either her husband or fiance, seems these people mean their words and fulfill their promises.

Sincerely Ghanaians need to be very careful, personally, I don’t trust her moves at all this how they come and spy on various countries in Africa, testing the strength of our security institutions and submit reports as to whether or not African is safe for their people to come or not.

Interestingly Germany is the only country in Europe that has a special platform to display wrongly about Africa to its citizens just to warn them from traveling to Africa and this lady from Germany is doing this and our people are happy.

Sadly I don’t think from the time she started selling till the time this video pops online, a single Ghana police, soldier or national security personnel have questioned her, with all this, if she is to possess something that destroys or seeking to get any information about the area, already she has gotten it.

Consider what they did to our transport system and now we have Uber and the rest while the local drivers are helpless, now they are targeting our local market women, no I don’t think we should accept this how can’t you come from Germany and begin to hawk on the streets in Ghana.

Sadly Ghanaians won’t learn because we have failed to understand the game plan, I’m convinced that the lady in question is a spy, doing a big task for her people and country seems there is nothing that can push a German citizen to do this very low benefit job while her government can cover her needs.

Watch the video here.