First-year senior high school student, Serwaa Felicia who is now 16 years of age has been stabbed by his biological father.

This happened yesterday at Atwima Abuakwa Sepaase when Mr. Kofi Amoah popularly known as ‘kayiesu’ stabbed his daughter’s head with a screwdriver. Luckily, She didn’t die but she was in a pool of blood before taken to Afari hospital. According to the storyline, there is a conflict between Mr. Amoah and his Sister. So He has urged all his children not to go to his sister’s room. but his daughter, Serwaa Felicia refuses to obey his father’s command.

The father got angry when he saw her daughter coming from his sister’s room. The father brutally beats his daughter, Which leads to the damage on her head. The mother of Mr kofi Amoah reported the case to police. As am speaking now, Mr. Kofi Amoah is in Kumasi Abuakwa police custody.

I would like to take this advantage to Advice my junior sisters and brothers who are now in Senior high schools to respect their parents