The majority of individuals are differing that its her mom. A person just posted an image of him and her Gogo who turned 110 years.

“Being his grandma or mom it’s a similar the truth of the matter is she is a mother she did brought forth someone,,what on the off chance that it his mother\father that posted the pic,the offspring of that lady ummmm you people,,,,Any way Happy Birthday to her and wishing her a lot more 💞💞💞💞💝💝💝 As long u not ridiculing different convictions/religion I am cheerful. In the event that that is ur mother’s age how old r u? That is ur grandma

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A great many people caught up with saying “she isn’t your mother’ however you folks fail to remember that we as Africans likes to allude to our grannies as our moms chiefly in light of the fact that they raised us….Happy cheerful birthday to granny. She cnt b ur mother. Bt the parent of one of ur guardians. Shes even able to b a distant grandma.Happy birth dai Granny ,you are the best granny,may God be with you. “said a Facebook supporters

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