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Abdul Aziz Ansari: How Boy, 16, ‘admitted’ stabbing 18-year-old to death in drill rap lyrics

Abdul Aziz Ansari

Abdul Aziz Ansari: How Boy, 16, ‘admitted’ stabbing 18-year-old to death in drill rap lyrics

According to a judge, a 16-year-old “confessed” killing Abdul Aziz Ansari with a knife in the drill rap lyrics he made in jail while awaiting trial.

In an effort to be Feltham Young Offenders’ “big man,” the prosecution claimed that the young defendant wrote about knives, drugs, his territory, and “dashing and ducking down youths from different regions.”

However, the young guy claimed to the jury in court that he just composed the lyrics in order to “fit in with everyone else.”

On May 5, he was accused of killing Abdul Aziz Ansari before Reading Crown Court.

Abdul Aziz Ansari

The juvenile defendant, who cannot be named because of his age, denies committing the crime.

He claimed to have seen Mr. Ansari with a member of the Sevens gang and expressed concern that he may be singled out because of rumors linking him to the DBs, a rival gang that he categorically rejected.

The defendant said in court today, “I felt they were hunting for anyone who was in the opposite gang.”

Video showed Mr. Ansari, who was 18 years old, cycling in front of a row of stores on Trelawney Avenue in Slough was played for the jury.

Mr. Ansari is seen sprinting in the direction of the juvenile defendant, who is wielding a huge knife, after getting off his bike.

The adolescent moved forward two steps before lunging and sinking the knife 12 centimeters into Mr. Ansari’s chest, piercing his heart, while he backed up and held out his hands.

I only intended to poke his shoulder; I had no malicious intent. The teen said, “I believed that would make him back away.

“I didn’t realize the knife was that dangerous at the moment.”

You understood how lethal it might be from the drill lyrics you enjoy listening to and creating, the prosecutor, Ian Hope, told the teen.

“You were confrontational, acting the big man in front of your friends, and flaunting your knife in front of them.”

“You penned those lyrics about knives, drugs, your territory, and running and dodging down young people from other regions while waiting for the trial in Feltham.

When you wrote those songs, you were attempting to establish yourself as Feltham’s leading man.

The adolescent replied, “I was trying to fit in with everyone else,” in response.

You plunged your knife into Aziz Ansari to fit in, Mr. Hope questioned. Because of this, he has passed away.


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