The issue of partners jilting each other has become topical in recent times. Partners offer to help each other voluntarily with the hope of getting along in the future.

Investing in a partner has become very common in recent days however it does not always end well. The story of a nurse who is currently going through broken heart is currently circulating on social media.

The Nurse in question, Nana Yaa is a nursing student at Twifo Praso. According to her story, she met a man and fell in love with him after they had gotten along for some time.

Since nurses in Ghana are regular beneficiaries of monthly allowance, Nana Yaa invested her stipends in her new boyfriend with the hope of building a better future after school.

According to her, she had agreed with the lover for them to buy a land with the money so that after their marriage they will move into their own home.

She was quick to add that it was the supposed husband to be who assisted her into getting admission in the nursing school.

Nana Yaa adds that her boyfriend even bought a car from the allowances she was sending him. Unfortunately, the entire relationship had to end for Nana Yaa after she took the boyfriend’s mobile phone to read messages.

She sadly noted that her boyfriend was rather arranging a wedding ceremony with another woman from the same allowances she had been sending him.

The wedding according to her comes off next week with invitation cards and all the needed preparations ready for a showdown.

It is still unknown if she has informed the man about her knowledge of the wedding or not. However, it is expected that the wedding will happen as planned without any disturbances.

It could also be that, Nana Yaa has a hidden agenda that is best known to her. We will keep our eyes on this development and update readers on what will happen at the wedding.