Members of Mighty Thunder Church (MTC) in Swedru are very furious and restless after the truth about the pregnancy of at least four (4) of their church members came to light.

According to reports, the whole incidence started way back last year December when the Pastor of the said Chapel organized 7-days camping for all the ladies in the church who are either single, barren or jobless.

The pastor, who is widely known in the community as Pastor Benard Kofi Amoanin, claimed he has received a special direction from God to help his children, especially the ladies in the church with the said issues prosper and gain all their heart desires in 2021 as they prepare for the annual cross over ceremony.

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Per various reports we had from witnesses, it was said that the pastor then organized 7-days camping featuring some special fasting and prayers made for only the ladies in the church. He excluded the males for the reason that theirs should be done at home in order for them to still be able to focus on their various professions.

All the ladies that patronized the camping were required to sleep in the church auditorium every night.

Each morning, at about 4:30 am, the pastor and his assistant will match them to a nearby well on the compound and bathe them nakedly for a so-called purification as a direction from God.

Funny enough, the members didn’t see anything wrong with that and continued it for 3 consecutive days until finally, the pastor required about 3 women each night for a special anointing and deliverance service in his room.

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Some of them left after hearing this but most of them still stayed and trusted his directions were God sent.

Speaking with one of the pregnant victims, she said whenever 3 people were called into the “holy room” of the pastor, they were required to be naked and blindfolded throughout their stay in the “holy room”.

They were required to suck the male organ of the pastor and his assistant till they released or ejaculated believing their semen that comes out is their breakthrough for marriage or children.

Sometimes, they are allowed to sleep over till the next morning before they go for their purification directions from God.

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To avoid disgrace, most of them didn’t report the incidence that happened during the camp to their partners or relatives.

On April 10th, thus last weekend, the truth was finally revealed after 4 females in the church accused the pastor of their pregnancy and demanded compensation or he will face jail time.

The case has been booked at the community’s police station but both the pastor and his assistant are currently on the run.

The relatives and husbands of the victims are threatening to burn down the church and Injure the pastor. For his assistant, they want him dead sharp.

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