Akufo-Addo’s Alleged Sidechick Causes Stir – Releases Photos of their Romantic Moments Together


The lady holding herself up as President Akufo-Addo’s sidechick, Serwaa Broni, has caused a stir by releasing photos of them together.

Serwaa Broni, who claims to be an alleged sidechick to ‘oluman boogie’ Nana Addo, has pulled off a ‘Nathalie Yamb’ move.

Nathalie Yamb was the alleged sidechick of the late President Jerry John Rawlings.

She surfaced online after Rawlings’ death to pay tribute to him, and to prove her credentials, released photos of them together.

Serwaa Broni, who surfaced online with a set of wild allegations a few days ago, has now done the same.

Her photos show her with the President in a couple of poses. Both photos show Nana Addo with wide smiles on his face, the look of someone who seems very happy.

The photos were released by Serwaa Broni to prove that she was truly once an ‘item’ with the President.

Check out the photos below…