A video of two young girls fighting over a guy was posted on social media and people were far from impressed with their behavior.

This is the third video of ama2000 fighting over men. These videos have given young ladies a bad reputation of being loose canons who fight over boys. What are these girls taught at home?

In the video, it was evident that the two girls were fighting over an unnamed boy. Their fight was quite embarrassing, fighting over a guy is just an embarrassment on its own. It is embarrassing for the two girls but it is very hilarious to watch.

Allegedly, the two girls were fighting over a guy that didn’t want the both of them. Both of the girls had a crush on the same boy, however, the boy they had a crush on did not give either of them the time of day.

It is unknown what happened that led to the two girls fighting each other, but people assumed that they were trying to get his attention.

Watch the video below.