AMG Armani has apologized to Akuapem Poloo for the embrassement he caused her after she insisted that they are dating claiming the pressure from his camp was too much for him.

AMG Armani denied having a relationship with Akuapem Poloo After She posted their photo and videos saying there were in a relationship claiming her post has caused a lot of problems for him and his girlfriend asking her to take them down.

Akuapem Poloo replying to his video made it clear that she’s not going to take down the photo and video just to please him and she knows for sure that there are some people behind his action insisting that they are dating and she knows what they have between them expressing how heartbroken she is.

A recent post by Akuapem Poloo shows that AMG Armani has gotten back to his senses and has apologized to her for the embarrassment he cause as he didn’t intend to do that to her in public asking for forgiveness.

According to AMG Armani, the pressure from his camp was too much and she was supposed to let him know before posting those photos and videos saying he is sorry if he caused her any harm or pain asking her to find a way and forgive him so they forget about all that happened in the past.

Knowing Akuapem Poloo, she later shared the DM of AMG Armani saying she’s speechless and also apologized for not letting him be aware first before posting and that means everything is okay between the two now, but as to whether they’re dating or not, we can’t tell.

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