Hilarious as An angry man sends a woman packing after she refused to let do this. Would you allow?

After the lady blacks on a man, the angry man sends the woman packing after she refused to let him chop after he flew her over and spent $5,000 on her.

Angry man

After spending $5,000 on a woman and flying her to his hotel, a vengeful man decided to push her out of his room since she wouldn’t allow him to smash her.

As he got into a fight with the woman, the man got a picture of her with her face covered.

According to the angry man, ” after stalking this woman on Instagram for several months, she decided to repay him by not allowing him to smash her after he flew her over and lavishly spent on her.

While the man claimed that he had been a gentleman since they checked in, it turned out that the lady was simply interested in the chill-outs and had nothing against him smashing “.

According to the lady, she had no idea he was offering her a package that included “smashing.”


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