Ayisha Modi exposed and shamed for lying about spending 1.7 billion old cedis on Moesha Buduong


Famed notorious IG blogger, Aba The Great, has exposed and shamed loudmouth for lying about estranged Moesha who has been sick for close to two months now.

In an Instagram video the BHIM goddess shared on her IG page just two days ago, she bragged that amount of money she has spent on sick Buduong is more than 1 billion old cedis.

She further insulted all her critics who have been insulting her for poking her nose into affairs that she had not been invited to help solve.

However, according to Aba The Great, Moesha’s hospitals’ bills were paid by the actress’ finacee. She further entreated the general public to trash Ayisha Modi‘s braggadocious talks because there’s no iota of truth in them

Aba The Great Wrote;

Mama Theresa, according to my source( a very very reliable source) you have NOT contributed anything towards Moesha’s upkeep , talkless of “wasting” more than ghc1.7billion on her according to you… i have been informed that you ask @gh_mouthpiece to come out to say Salma Mumin also contributed ghc10,000 which is untrue.

“We are also told Moesha’s boyfriend is the one footing every bill on her, what do you have to say about this? I’m finding it hard to believe so We need you to help with receipt on that effect, this way what u have put in the public domain already, can be back with proof…

“what baffles the mind of Moesha’s close associate is that, you haven’t seen or met Moesha before but you talk as though you’ve known her all your life and knows her every move… they are baffled and confused… some clarification will be in order…