Babe came prepared

“Babe came prepared”: Lady with nice shape dances with swag in wedding video [watch]

Wedding receptions are one of the best places to celebrate love while having a blast.

They are without a doubt one of our favorite aspects of weddings, from the various activities to the love and general goodwill that they bring.

Thanks in particular to the bridal party, who completely understood the job, this wedding reception had plenty of vibes and enthusiasm to last for days.

You will be beaming with such joy at the action that followed the bridal party’s dance-off.

The bridesmaid had clearly prepared herself because she didn’t give up on the elegant movements. You want to experience the excitement for yourself, no doubt.

The woman known as Afiaa moved her legs as if she were being commanded by a remote while wearing a well-fitted long robe.

People who have seen the video hardly noticed any other dancers at the event since she is so fantastic.

The voluptuous woman dominated the space and displayed jaw-dropping maneuvers that had everyone glued to her film.