The rate at which the youth are involving themselves in an armed robbery is too high.

Sad news coming out from Techiman is that armed robbers attacked taxi drivers and two passengers have been shot in the cause. But God is so good, two of the armed robbers have also been shot dead by the police who later appeared in the scene.

This is how the whole thing happened according to eye witness (Dauda Ibrahim), the event happened on the Techiman highway to Kumasi, he said that he met this Taxi driver on the way and prompted him that, there are robbers on the highway, and it was God who saved him because he needs to use another root upon seeing them from far, So the taxi driver should turn back and use another lane.

After telling the taxi driver the experience, the taxi driver quickly called the nearest police station, and narrated everything to the patrol team, and cautioned them to come immediately.

Thinking that the taxi driver will turn back and use another lane, he continued with the journey. And truly he went to meet the armed robbers on the way, so the eye witness said that per the driver the robbers came to stand in the middle of the road and asked him to stop the car, but being so brave enough he intended of hitting them with the car on the road. So the robbers started shooting at him and low and behold two passengers were shot, as at now they are at the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital receiving treatment.

So the police didn’t deny the driver’s call, and they rushed into the scene very early and started exchanging bullets with the robbers having experience in shooting, they were able to shoot two of the robbers to death. So in all the robbers are 5. The moment the two were shot, the remaining 3 run away.

The Police are pleading with the citizens that,  if in case you see three guys who look strange to you and observing them, you suspect they have something doing with robbery, kindly give them a hint.

Who is the cause of the passengers shooting, I think it’s the driver, what do you also think?