A new video shows Daniella, a housemate on the reality show Big Brother Naija,, breaking Bryan’s heart by permitting him to do something and pretending loves him.

When Daniella mentioned that she prefers mean males, Bryan took the remark as an attempt to make fun of her. She also let him know she liked him by saying she wanted to use the “L” word but couldn’t because of something. This was another way she communicated her feelings for him.

In a video that was uploaded to the Internet, housemate Amaka was pleading with Big Brother to provide her with a male roommate when fellow housemate Daniella interjected and stated that she, too, needed a male roommate. Because of this, Bryan started to wonder what his place is in her life now that she had given him the go-ahead.


Bryan was insulted when her brother “zoned” him by impersonating him in the house and acting like he was her brother. The expression on his face conveys both heartbreak and disappointment at Daniella’s response, yet he is powerless to change it

video below

Amaka – I need a boy

Daniella – “Me too”

Bryan – “What does dat mean”?

Daniella – “U are my brother”

Bryan – Wow! “I thought our relationship was undefined”.