Beef Loading As Maame Ode Tackles Agradaa Following Controversial Sermon About Atsu

Popular Ghanaian funeral contractor Maame Ode has sampled a diss song for Agradaa after she preached against Christian Atsu in her church.

Maame Ode has called Agradaa out for being a con artist.

She disclosed that Agradaa is a cheat – she takes people’s money and properties way back from her sika gari time till now when she claims she has repented.

Maame Ode also hurled other allegations at Agradaa. She noted she has killed people and defrauded others who have died and left their children.


According to Maame Ode, Agradaa deserves to be in Nsawam prison or even be dead to go and settle her scores with the dead people she offended but she is still alive and insulting others.

Maame Ode obviously has started a beef with Agradaa with her song.

Currently, fans are waiting for Agradaa to come out to respond and see how the whole thing will play out.