Black Sherif was chastised for his impolite handshake with President Akufo-Addo.

Black Sherif, a Ghanaian musician, has been chastised for not displaying proper greeting manners when he met President Akufo-Addo.

The “Soja” hitmaker had the opportunity to shake hands with the president at an event in the Burma Camp.

However, Black Sherif did not properly remove his cap or curtsy, which many believe is against Ghanaian culture and greeting customs.

As a result, he has been chastised for not removing his cap in order to show respect to the country’s first gentleman.

Aside from that, Black Sherif did not stop singing a verse of his song that many found offensive and disrespectful—a section of the song about smoking cigarettes.

Meanwhile, many have defended Black Sherof by claiming that Meek Mill met the President while riding shotgun and then went on to film a video at the Jubilee House.

Another argument has been made that times have changed and that Black Sherif’s likely forgetfulness in removing his cap did not imply that he was rude or disrespectful to the president.