Bob Lee had cocaine, ketamine in system at time of death: autopsy

Bob Lee

The autopsy of Cash App founder Bob Lee, who was fatally murdered on the streets of San Francisco, indicated that he had cocaine, ketamine, and other narcotics in his system at the time of his death.

Lee, 43, was found with two stab wounds to the upper chest and a probable third injury to the right hip area, according to the San Francisco medical examiner on Monday.

Bob Lee had cocaine, ketamine in system at time of death: autopsy
Bob Lee was stabbed to death on April 4.

According to the autopsy report acquired by The Post, the software developer, who had recently moved to Miami, died from several stab wounds.

The study also stated that when Lee died, he had cocaine, ketamine, and cocaethylene in his system, a chemical generated by the simultaneous use of alcohol and cocaine.

His blood also included traces of the antihistamine levocetirizine, which is used to treat allergies.

Nima Momeni, 38, an IT consultant who was arrested and accused with Lee’s murder last month, is scheduled to appear in court Tuesday morning for his arraignment.

According to court documents, Momeni allegedly targeted Lee because of a dispute about his sister, Khazar Elyassnia, who is married to a prominent plastic surgeon.

Nima Momeni in court.
Nima Momeni was arrested for Lee’s murder last month.

Momeni drove Lee to a secluded street after a stressful phone call and stabbed him with a kitchen knife in a “planned and deliberate” attack, according to authorities.

Around the time of Lee’s death, he received a text from Elyassnia asking if he was okay because “nima came wayyyyyy down hard on you.”

If convicted of Lee’s killing, Momeni faces 20 years behind bars.

Lee is survived by his former wife, father, and brother, in addition to his two young daughters.

Khazar Elyassnia pictured in court with her husband.
Momeni’s sister, Khazar Elyassnia, may be the link between the two men.

Rick Lee paid passionate homage to his murdered son on social media, calling him his “best friend.”

“Bobby worked harder than anyone else and was the wisest person I’d ever met.” He will be missed by everyone who knew him. “Thank you to everyone who has reached out in support,” the bereaved parent wrote.