Bodybuilder ‘world’s scariest man’ slammed over tug of war with caged ‘tiger’

The stunt’s footage was shared with Martyn Ford, 40, the “World’s Scariest Man,” on Monday morning with his more than four million Instagram followers.

The 6’8″ monster pulls on a long rope that is being held in the mouth of a captive “liger”—a cross between a male lion and a female tiger—in the brief video shot in Dubai.


While a laughing audience looks on, Ford, who is dressed in shorts, a shirt, and slip-on shoes, can be seen sweating as he engages the animal in combat.

More laughing ensues when the large cat eventually manages to drag Ford back a few paces.

The woman who is recording the video yells, “Watch your legs, honey.”

“Now, this is one hell of a way to train back,” Ford said in the caption for the video. I’ll shortly be relocating to Dubai to begin my training camp with my friend.

“Can anyone estimate how heavy this liger is?” he continued. An animal that was an absolute BEAST.

The video received more than 70,000 likes in a short period of time, but viewers’ reactions were divided.

What if we changed our minds and you ended up in that prison? asked one commenter.

Another wrote: “I normally love your content, big man, but I simply find this a little depressing. Step back and consider what you’re doing… Poor animal in a cage, forced to play tug of war with several spectators each day just for amusement. I feel depressed.

Martyn Ford’s agents have been contacted by The Sun Online for comment.

Ford, who weighs an incredible 320 pounds, once had dreams of being a professional cricket player, but those dreams were destroyed when he contracted glandular fever as a teenager.

He has made the move to Hollywood from the West Midlands because to his outstanding body and enormous stature.

He has acted in a number of blockbuster movies, most recently Fast & Furious 9. More include Final Score, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and others.

Ford is a budding actor who also operates the Beta Bodz gym in Birmingham.