His stay in prison saved him from death according to Lawrence Nana Asiamah Hanson popularly known as Bulldog, an entertainment pundit.

Bulldog Ghana

On Saturday, July 29th, 2022, he revealed this to Accra100.5FM’s Nana Romeo while appearing as a guest analyst on Entertainment Capital.

“Six, seven years ago, when I was detained for [supposed] murder…,” he recalled thinking.

Before I was taken to prison, my mother told me to be careful when driving with Shatta Wale. She ended her sentence there. She was silent once more.

“Then I had to go to work.’ A friend of mine told a coworker of mine that I’d been in an accident while driving a Benz. When she asked if I drove a Benz, I said that I didn’t. My car is a [Toyota] Corolla, and I use it for work. “I was just listening,” I said.


“I was arrested not long after this.” Two weeks later, this knowledge had come to light. I spent a month in jail when I was arrested. Three prophets who had nothing to do with each other came and inquired about a particular man who had been put in the cell – they didn’t even know me. And when they arrived at me, they told me that God had placed me where I am. He’s trying to keep me safe from whatever it is. My leg was amputated after they discovered an accident, and I died less than a month later. Even though they weren’t walking together, three people stated the same thing,” he told.

Fennec Okyere, the manager of Ghanaian rapper Kwaw Kese, was allegedly murdered in 2014 by an ex-Shatta Wale manager known as Bulldog and now Bullgod.

Following investigations by the CID’s Homicide Unit, it was determined that he was the primary suspect in the death of the victim because he had issued multiple death threats.