Busy learning – Fella Makafui’s new post

Fella Makafui, a Ghanaian actress and mother of one, has broken her silence for the first time since rumors spread that her marriage to Medikal is in trouble.

There have been rumors that the Medikal and Fella Makafui marriage, which is similar to Jay Z and Beyonce in the Ghanaian music industry, has fallen apart, with the rapper looking for ways to reconcile with his ex-girlfriend Sister Derby.

This was exacerbated when Fella Makafui appeared at various events without her wedding ring.

Before the couple could respond, Medikal shared some photos of himself and his ex Deborah Vanessa behind the scenes of their upcoming project.

Well, a few hours ago, the official music video for their song “Cold and Trophies” was released on social media, sparking a massive debate.

This, we believe, drew Fella Makafui out to comment on the trending issues once and for all so that people could draw their own conclusions.

She shared a photo with the caption, “Busy Learning without the “L”?”

Take a look at the image below: