Charles Bronson Siblings: Meet Mark Peterson

Charles Bronson Siblings: Meet Mark Peterson

Charles Bronson is a British criminal who has been dubbed “Britain’s most violent prisoner.” He was born Michael Gordon Peterson in 1952 in Luton, England.

Bronson has been in prison for the majority of his adult life, with his first prison sentence being served in 1974 for armed robbery.

He has since been convicted of numerous violent offenses, including assault, hostage-taking, and grievous bodily harm. In total, he has spent over 45 years in prison, with most of that time being served in solitary confinement.

Bronson is known for his violent behavior and has been involved in numerous incidents while in prison, including attacking fellow inmates and prison guards.

He has also made several attempts to escape from prison.

Bronson has become something of a celebrity in the UK, with books and films being made about his life.

Despite his violent behavior, he has also become known for his artwork, with some of his paintings being sold for thousands of pounds.

Charles Bronson Siblings

Charles Bronson Siblings: Meet Mark Peterson

Charles Bronson, the British criminal, has two siblings, a younger brother named Mark and an older sister named Angela.

Mark Peterson, Bronson’s brother, has been interviewed by the media and has spoken publicly about his brother’s behavior and criminal history. In some interviews, Mark has expressed concern for his brother’s well-being and has criticized the prison system for its treatment of Bronson.

Charles Bronson Siblings

Angela Salvador, Bronson’s sister, has also spoken publicly about her brother and his behavior. She has described him as a troubled individual who has been failed by the justice system.

However, she has also expressed sympathy for Bronson’s victims and has acknowledged the harm that he has caused.