As is commonly said, ponders will never end. It is not, at this point remarkable to hear accounts of individuals who frequently do strange things in broad daylight. Have you at any point gone over a man who is battling among life and passing previously?.

Have you at any point been hurried to a weather beaten emergency clinic previously?. Here is a reasonable model for you to see and perhaps learn.

By and by a video is causing a ripple effect via online media. This video shows a specific man who was battling among life and demise in a medical clinic. As is noticed, the said man is in a venue room and the light has wouldn’t come on. As is seen, the specialist is battling to put the light on without any result.

This video has created a ruckus as numerous individuals are responding to it. The larger part feels that this isn’t right. They contended that the public authority isn’t doing what’s necessary to guarantee that emergency clinics in Nigeria are fit as a fiddle.

There are a couple of other people who think in an unexpected way. This class of individuals reprimanded the medical clinic the board for this incident. They contended that those responsible for the emergency clinic ought to be made to account.

Watch full video below