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Christian Atsu Reveals Himself To His Friend – Speaks About His Wife And Kids

Christian Atsu, a former Black Stars player, revealed himself to a friend in a dream and spoke about his wife and children.

Ibrahim Oppong Kwarteng, the founder of the Crime Check Foundation, revealed that Christian Atsu appeared in his dream the day before he was discovered under the rubble.

According to him, Atsu assured him that he was safe and that the earthquake had not affected him.

Christian Atsu

Christian Atsu also informed him that his land was being prepared and that he would see him on Tuesday.

In a dream, he also told him that he had built a home in the mountains where he lives happily with his wife and children.

Ibrahim Oppong claims he had this dream the day before the footballer was discovered dead under the rubble. And it was the first time he had a dream about Christian Atsu.

“When I asked if you had been affected by the earthquake, you said no. “You told me again that your land is being prepared and that I will see you on Tuesday,” said the CCF founder.

‘I had never dreamed about you until this morning when you told me you had.’


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