“Christian Atsu’s death is not natural, yaanom killed him” – Sonnie Badu reveals

Celebrated Ghanaian gospel artist Sonnie Badu has insinuated that Christian Atsu’s untimely death was spiritually motivated by unseen faces.

According to statements he has made after the player’s demise, the “Covenant Keeping God” singer said the earthquake was just a coverup for his death.

Sonnie Badu believes that although it was a natural disaster that resulted in Christian Atsu’s passing, he could spiritually deduce that he was haunted and killed.

Christian Atsu

Although his tweet appeared controversial, Sonnie Badu gave credence to the local beliefs of many Ghanaians who believe the death of someone as young as Christian Atsu couldn’t be an accident.

He used the local term “yaanom” to refer to the evil family and friends who allegedly planned Christian Atsu’s sudden death by orchestrating an earthquake that shook parts of Turkey and Syria to make it appear natural.

JneoRGE wrote: Sir, it could be true, but please don’t get involved in such matters; I don’t want them to disrespect you.

Osofo, wrote Machala. I don’t think it’s worth your time to talk about this in this manner; you’re looking for a lot of attention for yourself. Rom 12:15– Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. The main thing, sir, is wisdom, and you must demonstrate it.

Agyei stated, “You should know better as a pastor!” What exactly is yaanom? You’re always looking for ways to blame everything on witchcraft. Why are some of you Africans so rude? Know better and ask your God for the spirit of discernment.