Close friend reveals why the police inspector shot and killed Maa Adwoa


A lady believed to be the close friend of the police inspector who shot and killed Maa Adwoa on the spot has revealed why the security officer committed the heinous crime.

According to the lady in the trending TikTok video, Maa Adwoa suddenly stopped answering and returning the police officer’s call after finding another guy who was much richer than him

Meanwhile, Maa Adwoa had spent the officer’s money and received other expensive gifts from him.

After the police inspector did his own secret investigations as to why Maa Adwoa’s attitude towards him had changed from good to bad, he found out that she was seeing another man.

This got him angry and forced him to confront Maa Adwoa who strongly denied having another boyfriend.

Maa Adwoa was still seeing his new rich boyfriend despite denying having any other extra love affair.

Not being able to control himself from the heartbreak and betrayal, he called her to meet him at the forecourt of Dufie Towers and it was there that he shot her 5 times to death at around 10:30 pm last Thursday.

Watch the video below to know more…