Finally, the 4th season of the date rush program has come to an end and fans just couldn’t get enough of it.

The reunion of the famous date rush program came off two days ago, and so many couples came in to share their relationship experiences with the audience and viewers at home.

Some of the famous couples who came through were Rose, Seth, Ruby, Stephanie, and many others.

Fatima came in with some amazing performances and was able to thrill the audience with some of her songs.

Among these names mentioned, one very famous contestant who was absent at the recent reunion was Success.

She is one adorable personality who has her own kind of energy she injects into the program.

There were so many people who were expecting Success and her date to be present at the just ended program, but that wasn’t the case.

Success was unable to come with her guy, and this got so many fans worried.

In a recent social media post sighted by HOTENT, a fan of the date rush show questioned Success on why she wasn’t able to attend the Sunday’s reunion.

Success gave an explanation that was quite understandable and considerable. She indicated she had an exam to write on the day of the reunion, and that was what prevented her from coming.

Afterward, she promised to attend the second reunion whenever it is held.

How many of you missed her absence at the just ended reunion?