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Deborah Adablah tells Deacon Nimako, “If You Swallow Your Ego And Apologize, I’m Ready To Forgive You.”

Deborah Adablah

Deacon Nimako, Deborah Adablah’s former sweet sugar daddy, has a message for him: It’s not too late to patch things up!

A fresh video has surfaced online that purports to show Deborah reaching out to her sugar daddy after destroying his life!

As we previously reported, Nimako, the chief financial officer (CFO) of the First Atlantic Bank, has been sued by Deborah after their relationship soured.

Deborah Adablah

Deborah asks the court to uphold Nimako’s commitments to give her a car, pay her rent, give her funds for a business, and a monthly Gh 3,000 allowance.

The Deacon’s life has been completely upended by the case, and it has exposed him to mockery.

Nimako has to express regret and return Debbie to her previous status because she recently stated that she is prepared to end things before they progress too far.

She claims that if he could simply get over his ego, everything would return to normal.

There hasn’t been any word on Nimako’s response, but we doubt he’ll be willing to cooperate!

See Deborah reaching out an olive branch below.


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