Delay and Amerado unfollow each other on social media after a ‘supposed’ breakup


The reported romantic affair between 40-year-old Delay and 28-year-old Amerado has come to an abrupt end following a misunderstanding between the two behind closed doors.

The ace radio-cum-TV presenter and the talented rapper have allegedly been dating for two years now despite dismissing the reports on several occasions during interviews.

Although both Delay and Amerado kept refuting the rumors that they were in a secret love affair, however, they were both fond of sharing all-loved-up photos of themselves on social media most of the time.

According to sources, not only have Delay and Amerado unfollowed each other, but they have also stopped hanging out.

Recall that when Amerado celebrated his birthday last month Delay refused to publicly wish him.

That generated online discussions but fans moved on quickly, thinking there was no problem.

However, it appears the problem is bigger than we think. Delay and Amerado have gone their separate ways.