Demi Moore

Demi Moore, who plays G.I. Jane, has responded to comments made about her bald appearance. She claims that despite Will Smith losing it and punching Chris Rock over the same joke about a bald head, she is not upset by these remarks or other people’s perceptions of her baldness.

The Animated Times claims;

Even back in 1997, it was a big deal when Demi Moore shaved her head to play the US lieutenant. Nowadays, the bald G.I. Jane jokes are probably more well-known among Generation Z thanks to the Oscars, Chris Rock, Will Smith, and the person who shall not be named. Moore’s appearance was undoubtedly a conversation starter back then because of its uniqueness. She asserts that it would now be very difficult to persuade her to change her hair, though.

What we do for youth… As far as her hair is concerned, Moore is not in the same frame of mind as she once was. She would have to be “hard-pressed,” in her own words, to change her hair quoted the actress as saying,

“I believe hair at as I get older, I also realize that I have nothing to prove. So they can give me a wig if they need my hair differently. Additionally, it’s unclear how it would regenerate.

Demi Moore uses her long hair as another means of rejecting preconceptions. She stated:

“I recall hearing someone advise that ladies shouldn’t have long hair as they age. And that made me think about something. according to who? It gave me the impression that if it can grow and is healthy, why shouldn’t we? Rules that don’t seem to have any real purpose or justification don’t sit well with me.

In the meantime, Will Smith is making hostage tapes in which he blames Jada but insists that it isn’t her fault.