Depressed young man rescued from de.ath after trying to electro.cute himself [Video]

A young man was rescued by concerned folks after he tried to take his life by electrocuting himself.

This man climbed onto a kiosk in an attempt to get to the high tension electric wires and be electrocuted to death.

In his first attempt, he fell flat onto the roof of the kiosk and lied prostrate for a while. That was when people knew his life was in danger.

He gathered energy and made a second attempt at dragging the electric wires close to his body so he could be electrocuted to death but at that point, people had already made a concerted effort to save him.

One man pulled the electric wires from his hand while he stood on the roof of the kiosk. He was assisted to get down and escorted to safety.

It is unclear what actually caused him to try to electrocute himself but sketchy reports suggest that he might be battling depression.

He has been given a second chance at life, hopefully, he finds no reason to kill himself again.

Check Out Video Below:

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