Despite Media refuse to comment as McBrown joins Onua TV


If you have still not heard the news, then you may probably be living under a rock or wandering in space like NASA astronauts.

Scores of fans and followers have come through with congratulatory messages and well wishes for the screen star who graced their screens and won their hearts with her impeccable TV presentation on United Showbiz.

But surprisingly, Despite Media – owners of UT and former employers of Nana Ama McBrown – have blatantly refused to comment on her exit from the station and her subsequent move to Media General.

The expectation was to see the management issue a statement to this effect as well as wish her well in her future endeavours, considering she birthed their flagship weekend entertainment show United Showbiz and propelled the station’s viewership.

At least, a parting ceremony would have been enough to appreciate her dedication, hard work and the impact of her presence as a host but nothing of that sort has been witnessed.

It’s as though McBrown left UTV on the wrong note and the seeming bad blood between the actress and the station managers, Dr Osei Kwame Despite, Fada Dickson among others has marred the beautiful relationship we all admired.

Despite Media’s Kwame Nkrumah Tikese earlier this morning expressed his complete disappointment in Nana Ama Mcbrown for quitting UTV to join ONUA TV.

It seems McBrown was begged to stay at UTV, but notwithstanding the numerous pleas she still tendered in her resignation letter which he views as a betrayal on her part.


Radio presenter Abena Moet, on the other hand, joined Kwame Nkrumah Tikese to throw tantrums like a child who has lost his toy.

Speaking on OKAY FM earlier this morning, Abena Moet claimed that Despite Media is responsible for Mcbrown’s command over TV presenting because she was completely naive before joining the media firm.

Social media users who have come across the development have shared their two cents on why they strongly believe Mcbrown left UTV for ONUA TV.

Many believe the actress chose her mental health and reputation over money as she was always fighting court cases here and there over some of the comments her guests made on UTV’s United Showbiz program.

Recently, she was made to pay a whooping Ghc 60,000 for contempt following Afia Schwar’s infamous appearance on UTV.

Meanwhile, these speculations are yet to be confirmed by Mcbrown but I trust that even if that is the reason behind her exit, she won’t publicly speak about it.