A Ghanaian die-hard Medikal fan who tattooed “AMG Business” on his face due to the love he had for the brand has changed his mind and cleaned the artwork.

In a new video sighted online on Instagram, the young man who appeared peeved over not receiving any attention from Medikal or the AMG Business group was heard venting his frustration.

He was seen with some whitish substance smeared over the parts of his face that showed the tattoo with the hopes of ‘resetting’ his face to its natural look without the ink

According to him, he no longer had any affinity for Medikal or the AMG Business outfit and as such, did not want anyone to tag him with the rapper or his outfit.

He was heard saying he did not know Medikal nor any member of the AMG Business personally therefore he was wiping off the tattoo he got.

The rather livid young man said he was sounding a fair warning to his close associates who used to refer to him as AMG Business.

According to him, he was ready to stone anyone who would tag him with the rapper or his brand,

He did not state explicitly the reason for his change of heart but many have indicated that he was cleaning the tattoo due to neglect from Medikal and his camp.