It was nothing but pure drama when a man decided to stand his ground by refusing to vacate the room for his roommate to have a good time with a woman he had brought home.

On the flip side, the gentleman broke the ‘bro code” by staying in his bed and watching proceedings as his friend and girlfriend had a good time together.

His friend tried severally to convince him to leave the room but it was obvious he was not ready to vacate the room on that particular day. Obviously, he was tired of vacating the room anytime his friend brought in a woman.

Well, when the two got in bed and started their lovey-dovey moment, this man decided to stay and watch everything as it unfolded before his eyes.

All the pleas fell on deaf eyes as he stayed throughout the entire period his friend was in bed with the woman. His presence in the room ultimately affected how the two lovers would have displayed their bedroom gymnastics.

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