Eastern Region: Tipper Driver Kills Two People While Coming From The Mortuary – photos


According to the report coming from UTV, two people who have gone to the mortuary to carry the dead were misbehaving on the roadside, and from an eye witness, some of these people were sitting on a motorbike and the other was in the car. While they were driving the one on the motorbike mistakenly drove toward the tiger driver who was also using the same root. Mistakenly the tipper drive smashes both the motorbike rider and the others in the trotro.

The nearest people living in the small town closer to where the incident occurred were all sad. They were spotted crying since it is painful to lose a soul.

From sources, two people lost their life instantly. They have been rush to the nearest hospital in the Eastern Region.

The tipper driver who is allegedly killed these two people is arrest and been sent to the police station for further investigations.

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Pictures below;