Efia Odo gets Ghc 5000 for dressing decently for Church from a stranger

Actress Efia Odo who is widely known for showing off her body in skimpy dresses received an amount of Ghc5K from a stranger in church.

Efia Odo apparently decided to visit the church and she covered herself without showing any flesh which surprised some people who knew her on social media.

One lady who from sources runs her own business and also happened a church member was so impressed to see the known socialite dressed in that manner and decided to give her a gift.

Efia Odo said she was initially dubious after receiving the call because she thought it sounded too good to be true; as a result, she had second thoughts about meeting this woman in the first place.

Nevertheless, the presenter said she ultimately made the decision to meet this good samaritan, and to her utter surprise, the lady showed up and presented the full amount of money to her.

Efia Odo was seen flaunting the Ghc5 fresh notes in the video she posted on social media as she expressed outrage over the woman’s behavior and pledged to support the woman’s business on social media.

It is common knowledge among those who have followed Efia Odo on social media over the years that she is one of the well-known entertainment figures who have no problem exposing female skin whenever she feels like it.