Exposé: How sex workers sell clients’ sperm to ‘big men’ for rituals


A media report uncovers the undesirable act of sex workers clandestinely selling the sperm of their clients to the highest bidder.

They collect the sperm, meet the buyer, and sell it to them at a high fee.

These droplets of sperm are usually collected in the condoms after use, and these sex workers carry them away with them for these big men to purchase for ritual purposes.


The special report by TV3, a media firm in Ghana, throws more light on the devilish acts of these sex workers, who are motivated to make more money from the sale of these sperms.

The exposé tells how these individuals liaise with hotel workers for the constant and reliable supply of these biological materials.

According to them, the big men are always ready to pay more for the sperm, and as a result, these sex workers have made it a point to always get them from their clients.

Although commercial sex work is illegal in Ghana, the selling of sperm is absolutely criminal. The video below sheds more light on the activity.