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Fantana reportedly loses boyfriend

While announcing the news on her Instagram story, the singer expressed her heartbreak.
Fantana identified Ayanle Husein, a Muslim, and revealed that they had been together for some time before his death.

She wrote a touching tribute to her boyfriend. Ayanle Hussein, my love, she wrote. I can’t believe they separated you from me. I am so broken, my earthly angel. I sobbed uncontrollably. I adore you to pieces. You improved my life.


person; you cared about me and believed in me. I’m sorry they treated you this way. We were madly in love with each other. We were inseparable from the start.

“I’ll miss FaceTime prayer sessions with you, where you taught me about the Quran and I taught you about the Bible. I will miss your advice and the way you conduct yourself.

Never let me give up but always want me to improve, “portions of her post were read.

She also revealed that many of their plans will go unfulfilled.

“We had a lot of plans. I was going to force you to relocate to Potomac just so you could come to my audition for Real Housewives of Potomac. You contributed.

everything I do, even if it makes no sense, “She stated this.

However, until his death, the ‘And so what’ singer kept her partner out of the spotlight.

Read the rest of her post here:



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