Fear of informing husband of 4-month miscarriage – The full story of Josephine Panyin Simon silicon deceit

The story of Josephine Panyin Mensah Simons caused massive apprehension nationwide when news of her kidnap hit the airwaves from Takoradi, where she lives with her husband and mother.

The whole country stood with her until we learned with shock that her controversial pregnancy and kidnapping were all fake.

But would make a sane woman do that. chronicles key developments that made Mrs. Josephine Panyin Mensah Simons stage her own kidnapping.

So far, Josephine herself has confessed to the team of medical and investigation officers at the Effia-Nkwanta Regional Hospital saying she hatched the plot with her mother. But why?

Husband’s desire for baby

Josephine was indeed at one point pregnant but lost the baby 4 months into the pregnancy due to miscarriage. Before the miscarriage, Josephine told investigators her husband was always at his happiest and treated her so well.

Losing the pregnancy meant that good treatment could be coming to end and hence she hatched a plot with the assistance of her mother to keep playing her husband until the 9th month when she was almost due. Having no way to reproduce a baby after 9 months, she faked her kidnapping to create the impression her kidnappers were ritualists who took away the fresh baby.

Her loving husband who showered her with all the love and care she needed stood by his wife because to the best of his knowledge, she had been pregnant – but without knowing it ended in the fourth month.

During lovemaking in the course of the pregnancy, she had a trick she used to conceal the silicon she portrayed to him as her pregnancy.

She simply covered it up with a cloth.

Police believe her husband is simply an innocent victim. But they are still investigating various angles before finally clearing him.

In a casual conversation with the investigating team, Josephine said the main reason for her actions was because she found it very difficult to inform the husband (Michael) that the pregnancy had been lost. It was at this point she allegedly bought a silicone belly to demonstrate that the lost pregnancy was intact.

However, the mother was aware of the plan every step of the way. She told the team that all this while she had given her husband, the people around her, and her neighbors the false impression that she was pregnant.

Josephine went on to further confess that she was afraid to lose her marriage because her husband gave her extra treatment and attention during the four months of her real pregnancy.

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