Fella Makafui reportedly throws her wedding ring away as Medikal allegedly divorces her for Sister Derby

According to rumors on the streets, Fella Makafui’s marriage to Medikal has soured and collapsed.

According to sources, Fella and Medikal are no longer together, and the rapper has allegedly reconciled with his ex-girlfriend Sister Derby.

As we all know, Sister Derby was Medikal’s sweetheart until Fella snatched him away from her, so it’s believed that Karma is bestowing it on the actress ‘woto woto’.

Although the reports that Fella Makfui and Medikal have divorced are yet to be authenticated Fella is giving subtle hints about the current state of their union on social media through her posts.

For some time now, the actress-cum-entrepreneur has taken off her wedding ring – And her most recent pictures on Instagram show her ring finger empty.

The only thing or circumstance which will force a married woman to take off her wedding ring is divorce and it seems Fella is no longer married and searching for a new man.

Speculations on social media suggest that Medikal has gone back to Sister Derby and their upcoming song titled ‘Cold and trophies’ produced by Chensee Beatz is a diss to Fella.