Fella Makafui tackles a fan accusing her having an affair with Flow Delly

Actress and wife of popular Ghanaian rapper, Medikal, Fella Makafui, has issued a stern warning to a Twitter user who accused her of having an affair with Medikal’s former manager, Flow Delly.

The Twitter user, known as WithAlvin, tweeted a rhetorical question that insinuated that Flow Delly was having a romantic relationship with Fella Makafui.

The accusations come in the wake of Flow Delly’s split with Medikal, which occurred about two months ago. Medikal had earlier stated in an interview with Andy Dosty that there was a ‘sensitive’ issue behind their separation.

However, Medikal was quick to state that he and Flow Delly are still on good terms despite the fallout.

Reacting to the allegations on Twitter, Fella Makafui didn’t take kindly to the accusations and vowed to have the Twitter user arrested for spreading false content. She also urged the individual to desist from spreading such baseless rumors.

“Don’t start this stupidity! What nonsense is this? Me, I will look for you and arrest you. Dey play,” Fella Makafui responded to the tweet.

Fella Makafui and Medikal are popular figures in Ghana’s entertainment industry, and their relationship has always been a topic of discussion among fans and critics alike. Their union has been rocked by several rumors and controversies in the past, but they have managed to weather the storm and stay together.

It is unclear why the Twitter user decided to make such unfounded accusations against Fella Makafui, but it appears that the actress has no patience for such baseless rumors. Fans of the couple have also taken to social media to show their support for the couple and condemn the actions of the Twitter user.

For now, it remains to be seen if the individual behind the Twitter handle ‘WithAlvin’ will face any legal action for spreading false information about Fella Makafui. Nonetheless, Fella Makafui’s reaction shows that she is not one to take such accusations lying down.