Female fans go bonkers about male performers in the music industry all across the world, not just in Ghana.

However, it is peculiar that this female KiDi supporter bypassed security and walked straight to his door outa date and give him a gift.

The A-list singer, who is widely considered to be one of the most successful musicians on the African continent, shared his story on the program Ladies Circle on TV3.

According to KiDi, he was inside his house when he heard someone knocking on the door. When he opened it, he was met with the sight of a young woman who was grinning and looking at him.

He then went on to clarify what had transpired by saying, “She said, ‘I truly like you,’ and I said, ‘Eeei.'” She mentioned that he was a student at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), and she also mentioned that he had a large number of admirers.

The girl who did not provide her name stated that she traveled from Kumasi to meet him and that she stayed the night with a friend at Tantra Hill in Accra before traveling to see him the next day.

In addition to that, she presented him with his favorite cap and a note written on foolscap paper in which she expressed her love for him.

KiDi accepted the present as well as the love note, but he did not allow the woman to enter his room.

“She knocked on the door and pleaded for permission to enter. I said, “No, you are not allowed to come in.”KiDi responded by saying, “I’m thankful for everything, but you can’t come in.”.