Following the recent incident that happened in Kasoa in the Central Region of Ghana, the Mother of the deceased boy who was killed by Alleged Sakawa Boys, has finally revealed what she wants over the death of his Son.

According to the information gathered, the woman whose name was given as “Sahadatu Abdallah”, said that the perpetrators of the killing of her beloved son must be made to face the wrath of the Law, for this will help to serve as a Lesson to others who are into such hideous Crimes.

It was gathered that the two boys involved in the murder have been arrested by the Police, at Kosoa as was disclosed by the Police. Adding that the two Suspect Sakawa Boys whose name was given as “Felix Nyarko” (Who is Age 16 years), and “Nicholas Kenni” (Age 17), alleged to have murdered the 10-year-old boy “Ismael Mensah” for money Rituals in an Uncompleted Building.

Still, on the same Development, the Police stated through investigation that the two allegedly Killers, were acting under the instructions given to them by the fetish Priest, who demanded only human parts in other to conduct Money Rituals for them.

In a Statement, The Mother of the Deceased Boy Said to “Asaase News”:

“I hope that all the Accomplices would be Apprehended. And I want Justice to be served in this Matter”, She Said.

According to the report gathered, the deceased Boy had a cordial relationship with his Killers, as he was described as a Cool and quiet boy, who was until his death was generally Jovial to all that he comes across.

Furthermore, the boy will be buried today as was expected by the customs and Traditions of Muslims.

Meanwhile, the Police reported that the Alleged killers were making a move to bury the boy in the evening when the Villagers stormed the scene of the Incident and Apprehended them.

We are hoping that Justice will surely be served over the demise of this young boy.