Because she can borrow his jeans and fit them into them, one woman favors a shorter spouse over a taller one.

As far back as the Victorian era was regarded the height of male beauty was “tall, black, and beautiful”.

While there are many different conceptions of beauty, many men are expected to live up to this standard.

One woman, on the other hand, prefers a man who is a little shorter. Others have been taken aback by her logical reasoning.

Her fiancé jeans fit well on Annalivi Hynds, who took to TikTok to show off her newfound love for him.


She captioned the video “We adore king short” when she posted it to her Instagram account, @annaliviahynds23.

You can watch the video here:

In the video, she states the following: “Every female I know fantasizes about having a man who is 6 feet tall, or who is black and hot, or who is both tall and dark.

The reason I don’t want that is simple: I’m dating a 5’5” man.

“As heaven thoughrdrobe, he replies, ‘I don’t want these jeans. Even though he’s never worn them, he doesn’t want them and intends to toss them away.”

As they say, the rest is history. She said, “Let me try these on first,” then turned the camera around to see Annalivia wearing the pants and they fit her well.

She tells me to take a look at these. “You won’t find a pair of women’s pants like anywhere else.

“I’ve just received a new pair of jeans as a gift in the absence of a 6ft boyfriend. We’re rooting for you, girls, for the sake of our kings!”

Other social media users also appreciated the idea of dating a shorter person.

One user wrote, “Having a short long companion is elite!”

“Short kings all the way,” chimed in another player. Thirdly, “I have a fiancé and we do exaadvicehe same,” said a third person.

As one user pointed out, this advice only works if you’re also short.