Four brothers serve as their sister’s bridesmaids who has no female friends or sisters

Four brothers had to team up to act as bridesmaids for their sister who was getting married and had no female friends.

The lack of female friends to act as bridesmaids suggested that the guy played the role even though it was quite unconventional and largely unacceptable.


According to online reports, the bride has five brothers and is the only girl in the family.

The decision was made by four of the brothers to attend their sister’s bridal shower.

They acted as the bridesmaids for their sister, which elicited a range of responses on social media.

The boys were dressed in matching pyjamas, while the bride-to-be was donning an expensive crown and a see-through silk outfit.

She wanted to make her four siblings the centre of attention despite having female pals on her bridal train.

At the bridal shower, the grown men all sat for photos with their sister and guardian-like stood by her, ensuring sure she looked classy and lovely.

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