It was in a broad day on the streets of James Town in the Greater Accra Region when a Police Officer accompanying a bullion van was gruesomely killed by armed robbers. The entire street of James Town was busy on that particular day when the gang pointed their heavy ammunition at the Bullion van believed to be containing huge sums of money.

Their first target was Constable Emmanuel Osei, The young police officer assigned to accompany the van to its safe location. They took his life on the spot and two others also had their share. After taking the money which was their main target, the armed robbers bolted to an unknown location to enjoy their loot.

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In the heat of the moment, some Ghanaians asked the police to probe the two female tellers who were onboard the vehicle. It was believed that they might have provided tip-off to the armed robbers in a text message. It is currently unknown if the police listened to the public and interrogated them.

The armed robbers thought nobody could ever trace them until the police marshaled all their skills to make sure they are brought to book. Information has it that four suspects have finally been nabbed by the vigorous work of the Police. Right from robbing the bullion van in Accra, their next destination was Kyebi in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

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Their smartness thought them that once they move to Kyebi, the Police cannot trace them but the Police are everywhere and their intelligence is smarter.

The suspects who have been arrested include Ebenezer Gyimah, who is also known as Peace, and Collins Addae who is popularly known as Kyekye from Akyim Swedru. These are the two Ghanaian nationals believed to be involved in the Robbery. Two brothers from Guinea, Musah Kamara and Suleman Keta who is also known as sixty-nine are believed to be masterminds of the robbery.

But strange developments are emerging from the gang, Musah Kamara and his brother are Guineans who have traveled from their country to Ghana for a living. Among the many jobs in Ghana, they decided to hold deadly weapons and commit heinous crimes. They have on several occasions been terrorizing residents living in the Kyebi area and have been on the police wanted list for many years.

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Only God knows how many people they have unknowingly killed or wounded in the line of their illegal activities. Their Ghanaian counterparts are also ‘wicked’ by looking on whilst guinea nationals take control of them to destabilize other Ghanaians. Now they have been arrested. It is our hope that the police will prosecute them as early as possible to get them out of society.

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