Ghana started the AstraZeneca vaccines roll out in March 2021 as part of its struggle to defeat the virus and come back to normalcy. As at now about 681,211 people have taken their jabs including the president of the land Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo-addo and vice president Dr Mahamudu Bawumia with their wives.

According to health experts in Ghana and the world as a whole on covid 19 vaccines, all people who have taken especially first jabs should not relax and know certain information concerning the vaccinations as ignorance could lead to failure of the attempts of the government to defeat the virus partly through vaccinations in Ghana.

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On this account, every Ghanaian who has taken a first jab should note the following:

1.Health experts advise that no Ghanaian who has taken a first jab of AstraZeneca should by no means skip the second dose or jab in order to ensure full system immunity.

2.All Ghanaians who have taken the AstraZeneca vaccines as first jabs should strictly take same AstraZeneca vaccines as second jabs.

3.The AstraZeneca vaccine protects individuals from covid 19 as well as some chronic diseases that affect human lives.

All Ghanaians are entreated to take part in the vaccination program to help us gradually move into the normal way of life. Everyone who reads this information should share for the benefit of others.

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