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“GH guys do not know how to dress” – Diaspora girls state their dislike

Girls living in other countries have stated why they do not find Ghanaian men attractive.

Most local guys, they say, don’t know how to dress properly and stand out.

In a video, these girls took turns stating what irritates them about most guys and what most likely turned them off.

One of the girls stated unequivocally that she finds Ghanaian men unattractive because they do not know how to dress to bang.

Other diaspora girls in the video mentioned that guys who don’t brush their teeth, lie, are broke, or have an odor are red flags.

One of the strangest things one of the girls said was that she finds guys without nice toes completely repulsive.

Their views have rubbed many the wrong way. Below were some of the reactions:

@Stickz wrote: The girl at the back that mentioned lies, is well trained wondering what she is doing around the other wolves.

@joey wrote: I don’t blame them, they’re right, as a man you’ve got to date the woman will understand your pocket and what you can offer. I don’t go for what she wears, makeups, nails, I don’t like any of em, just get yourself a kind woman who will stay down till y’all come up

@rapathologist wrote: Stuff like this has to becoming from beautiful, ladylike girls and not some kaa kaa moto bi with abochi slippers.

@dallas wrote: This escalated very quickly. The question wasn’t even that deep. So how did Ghana end up in the conversation?



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