GH TikTokers have sex on live video till they cum


A disgusting video of Ghanaian adults working themselves on TikTok live till they reached orgasm has received widespread condemnation from social media users.

The adults, comprising a male and female, threw their morals to the dogs and played with their genitals on a live camera as part of an intimate conversation among six people on the app.

The game which kick-started as a usual late-night sex talk got intense as participants began to take things to extreme heights by masturbating in the full glare of hundreds of viewers.

A snippet of the video which has since gone viral captures the moment a lady identified as Aduanahemaa is seen playing with her vagina and clitoris till she reaches orgasm.

Her assigned male partner is also seen beating his manhood till he cummed with sperm spread all over his room floor.

Watch the video below

This despicable act which was recorded by one of the viewers left many social media users jaw-dropped after the footage was shared extensively to other platforms.

Although such activities on TikTok are not new among some Ghanaian users, this recent one has received heightened attention due to the virality of the video.